Our certified HVAC technicians are among the top contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah for air conditioning repairs. We are also some of the most reliable commercial and residential contractors in the business.

Certified HVAC repairs with a smile:

At Air Source Heating & Cooling we put an emphasis more on customer service than just simply getting the job done. Our HVAC certified technicians can provide reliable repairs, and you'll find that our rates are much more reasonable than what is offered by other contractors in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

One major premise of our business is to provide your replacement or repairs for air conditioning units with a smile. Whether you are a large corporation needing help with your HVAC units or a home owner that has simple repairs or complex replacement, we always emphasize service with a smile.

Great pricing for Air Conditioning units and HVAC repairs:

At Air Source, we have established the perfect mix between aggressive pricing for our Salt Lake City, Utah area customers along with a great overall experience. We know that you work hard for your money, and our contractors understand the importance of building the Air Source brand by being honest in quoting your repairs or replacement services. We are among the most preferred contractors in the Salt Lake City, Utah area for this reason. Air Source is all about building relationships with the community.

When the Air Source truck rolls up to provide your repairs or look at your Air Conditioning unit, you know that we are not only providing a strong HVAC technician to fulfill your needs, we are providing an experience. Our team understands the difficulties presented by the weather in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, and we provide great service during those very hard times of the year when your need your HVAC unit so desperately for comfort and safety. We know that desperate times called for skilled work to be done quickly.

We strive to work longer hours during the hotter and cooler times of the year as we know how desperate a situation can become when an air conditioning unit goes out during 100 degree weather in July. As a preferred commercial and residential contractor, you know that we'll always be here with our toolkit and a smile so that when we leave your home or office with your air conditioning running, you also have a reason to smile.