Air Source Heating and Cooling strives to provide the most cost-effective furnace repair and air conditioning services in the Salt Lake City, Utah metro area.

Reliable Furnace Repair during those cold winter months:

We work long, hard hours helping folks who need furnace repair during those frigid winter months when people absolutely need their heating and air conditioning units to be up and running.  The winters in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and Wasatch Front can be treacherous, and we know that having your furnace out due to a need for repair work can not only be uncomfortable during freezing weather, but also dangerous.  Air Source offers emergency service in special cases where having your furnace down can be dangerous for your family or office staff.

Amazing Commercial and Residential Heating and Air Conditioning:

As a top certified Heating and Air Conditioning contractor serving the Salt Lake City, Utah area, we have learned there are things our clients have come to expect from our friendly team.  One thing you can always be sure of when you see an Air Source Heating and Cooling truck is a driver with a smile. 

During the difficult winters and blistering summers, our technicians understand that a simple repair for a furnace or air conditioning unit can be the difference between joy and misery for a group of people who are waiting eagerly to have their service restored.  Our technician will be sensitive to your frustration, and better yet, when you receive the final invoice for our services, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how our prices compare to other contractors in the valley.

Serving all of your Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning needs:

Beyond our service at the residential level, our staff specializes in repair and replacement for large commercial heating and air conditioning units as well.  This means that if your office staff is freezing due to a furnace being down on a particularly cold winter day, we will be on our way as soon as possible to bring your office back to a level of comfort so that you can continue to be productive throughout the day.  We are also gentle on the bottom line for your business since our prices are among the most reasonable for commercial service in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  Give us a call to schedule a free estimate today.